Sunday, September 23, 2007

Entire UMBAH Dicorgraphy plus interveiw!!!

The complete UMBAH discography is available for free download here

This is some of the sickest industrial death / grind you will ever listen too...seriously it is the shows lame bands like Bezerker and Mortician what can really be done with an axe and a drum machine.....This guys riff / lead work ánd songwriting prowness has to be heard to be believed.....

and heres an interveiw with guitarist/ soundscaper extraordinaire Cal Scott (by yours truly) :

Finally here is an interview with the insanity that is Umbah aka Cal Scott. This man is single handedly pushing industrial-cyber extreme metal into new and strange realms with each new release, all without proper distribution. Therefore he remains very much a true underground phenomena, not to mention completely DIY in action and philosophy. So open your ears, eyes and mind to the sound of the beyond.
When did you start mangling the axe (playing guitar)?
I was 15 and picked up a homemade sharkfin.
What were the main forces behind Necrosanct's breakup ?
The rhythm guitarist left then we carried on for a while as a 3 piece but it had lost its momentum so it just wound up.
What was the original idea behind Umbah's inception?
After recording some riff ideas to a mates drum machine I just thought that is a cool thing to do. So I got a 4 track and just started. It was different from being in a band, it was more rewarding. With every new track I discovered I could do something better and different, things that a real band couldn't do. So the idea behind it was to see where that could go.I was and still am very curious to find out.
Inspirations for Umbah?
All the mysteries, complexities and weirdness and insanity of life.
What convinced you to go the DIY route, instead of the standard studio/label contract and distribution shebang?
Never had money for studio time for Umbah so the default route is DIY. Anyway I prefer recording alone when I have a good head on. Of course having a label and distribution would be great, cause more people would listen.
Who is / are the primary influence(s) in your guitar playing?
Originally inspired by the old deathmetal scene, but when started listening to guys like King Crimson and Mahavishnu it opened my eyes to other awesome styles.
Your all time favourite bands and artists?
So many including Cynic, Meshuggah, Suffocation, Gorguts, Ulver, Roni Size and some weird classical shit aswell.
Your current play list favorites?
Monstrosity, Dillinger Escape Plan, Origin, Morbid Angel.
What does Umbah recording rig consist of?
I have been using a Sharkfin guitar, and now have the old bass guitar from Microcosm... cheers Ben. Also a fantastic Digitech GSP2101 guitar preamp. But have been experimenting with some GuitarRig for the last few tracks. I used a Rode NT2 mic for vocals on most Umbah tracks.Always record with AcidPro these days. I used it since V1 now its on V6 so I know it inside out, its got rewire capabilities so now I can run softsynths and drumsoftware inside Acid, a true symbiosis. And the various fx come from either plugins or a rather fine ChaossPad II.
Is playing live ever going to be an option with Umbah?
That would be total dream... can you imagine. If I could find the right drummer and bassist I would love to, but so far not been that lucky.
Where do the gothic overtones in Umbah come from i.e is Bauhaus or Killing Joke responsible for inspiring some of this?
Not sure really cause I never had much gothic in my collection, Tristania are good, and I liked some of The Fields of Nephlim stuff (the cover of Elysium does weird things to my head), and also had a cool Killing joke tape once.
What does the future hold for Umbah?

... a journey into new worlds, imagine what it will sound like in 10 years time, I guess I have to continue or we'll never find out.
Any chance of more conventional distribution, because this sound deserves to be heard by as many as possible?
Err.. Its something I have not really looked into yet, and I do no promotion/distribution so i guess its no surprise Umbah is a complete unknown.
What is the idea behind Microcosm and are their any other projects underway?
Microcosm was a 3 piece group back in the mid nineties, I played guitar and did vocals. It was one of those cool rare vibes, we played with no rules. Did some gigs and after one demo we moved to different places so it finished.Live stuff is always a laugh so I always have side projects with mates, at the moment I play drums in a more psychedelic band and play guitar for a local hardcore band. Also engineer some demos each year for local bands for a bit of fun. What is your view of the current metal scene and the future?
Theres always a lot of bands I keep discovering fresh music and dont see that ever changing.
Last but not least the ever helpful Cal has uploaded the complete Umbah discography of the last 10 years in mp3 format on his website. Run now to the site to get the goodies. This is music to disintegrate in hyperspace, and its yours now for FREE.Truly an icon making music for art's sake. Respect.

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