Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Carrier Flux_Introspective Nighmare (DOWNLOAD!)

Here is some really dark and original extreme metal , courtesy of the artist. Excellent stuff !




Below is the review for In Waste :

Absolutely awesome!!! This is some of the best new extreme melodic metal I have heard so far. What raises the bar here is that along with the more melodic death / black metal there is distinct industrial and gothic influence throughout the record. The opener "Rebirth" sums up nicely the more immediate (and traditional) aspects of the band and is strangely catchy amidst all its twists. "Ghost in the Machine" continues this trend of moving forward with all guns blazing. Soundwise it is close to a mix of Red Harvest (for need of a better comparison) and melodic death/black (in a few places, quite brutal) metal with a sprinkling of mid-era Tiamat. I know it looks strange in writing, but wait 'till you hear this. When the blasts, layers, melodic guitars and samples come together with the varied vocal attack you will know too. The bizarre interlude "Transition" shows that the band also has complete mastery of other-worldly ambience. The synth-based atmospherics continue in "Lustmord" which morphs into goth-folk (ala Death in June / Bauhaus) which has a real dark/sad feeling, and it intensifies as the song builds and builds, leading to hyper blast and back.To be honest, this caught me unaware, as I was expecting industrial black metal, not a complete tour of everything great about extreme cyber metal. "Martyrs" has more of a Myrksog vibe, but mixes it up with some awesome doom. This distincts the trademark style of Carrier Flux (I cannot believe I have mentioned a trademark style when listening to an album for the first time, but damn if this isn't original and good). The clean vocals are some of the better ones heard in such an extreme band (and believe me this is extreme - it's harsh and brutal as it is atmospheric and mature).I was listening to this at work with headphones and could barely keep myself from head banging along to this madness. A barely contained grin danced on my face as the colossal instrumental "Serpent" rolled over me. And the follow-up punch of the muscular and angry "Above the Crippled Earth" had my jaw on the floor. This song needs immediate hearing. Some of the most vicious riffing here ("The Enemy within") is coupled with a vocoder. The synths on this song are nuts! By the last song they had firmly bored a second asshole on extreme metal's bloated corpse (hear the harmonized melodic vocals over the dissonant riffing and the hyperblasts, with the great breaks, growls, shrieks, electronica et al). As the beautiful folky outro fades out, you just have to press play again.And you know what, the damn thing is available as a free download.

01 - Ghost In The Machine
02 - Transition
03 - Lustmord
04 - Martyrs
05 - False Projection
06 - Serpent
07 - Above The Crippled Earth
08 - Enemy Within, The
09 - Alone In Waste
10 - Am I One Am I


Apoctosis said...

Awesome, I'll check it out. Also, thanks for the comment over at death by a hanger. Suleiman, right? Great music and I really like your articles over at avantgarde-metal.com, love the urdu translated reviews, haha.

Apoctosis said...

Yes, I found out about Burzukh from metal-archives when I was looking for Pakistani metal bands. My family is from Lahore, so yes I know Urdu, and some Punjabi. Do you have a last.fm page? Here's mine http://www.last.fm/user/ZombieChrist