Saturday, December 1, 2007

Movie Reveiws by my Freind Zia (urf Cheeko)

Khuda kay liye is a substandard film. Its not really the kind of film that merits critical attention or if that is not important for some ppl dismissing it as an irriation the film simply fails to lodge a place inside of us as should all good films. demonizing american authority (the american imposition) after 9/11 isnt exactly the most original of ideas. as for the honest portryal of pathans, by the same token we have seen plenty of these portrayals on good ol PTV. the brutal interrogation of the shan charachter (aptly named mansoor) is not as much as a liberal and frank and balanced view of interogation methods as it is sensational call for sympathy for the proud eastern hero (a part and parcel of our heroworshipping heritage) Shoib mansoor goes a bit more on than assigning his name to the hero , in his website he refers to the falling out he had with juniad jamshed over the same argument shan and his brother (not named jamshed) had in the film which in turn inspired the film. 9/11 is a topical subject that is hard not to get away from. just that everyone's making a film bout it even someone from bhutan or peru but a pakistani til now is .....not really an occasion to rejoice. other than that the girl from england mainplot/sideplot is soooo derivative, i'm sure it happens but ptv dramas of all kinds have already mined the topic and now we get a cinematic depiction.
where i charachtersitcially flinched at most of the (make it all) songs from the soundtrack, i admit the score was something of a rarity, sparse and atonal. the photopgraphy was impressive as well save for the sepia tinged look reserved for the pakistan portions of the film. the courtroom scene went on and on and on and on and with shah jee (read nasiruddin shah) coming off as the good maulvi to rashd naz's bad maulvi lecturing and lecturing, always a deathnail for any film. though he justified booze to an extenet (or maybe that was my selective interpretation) the characthter made some good points properly refrencing, just feel that particual scene was heavyhanded and at6tempted to justify all the undoings happen ing til that moment throughout the film in one big scene. cinema's way of giving us easy answers.
rashid naz was excelent though giving equal measures of soft spoken charm and unsettling threat so commonly associated with charismatic maulvis. shan managed to put a bit just a bit of proper restraint and that girl was just plain aweful, being sexy helps a little but not much in a "meaningful" film. other good actors were underused, ayub khosa was only given one scene and one expression. wtf
though the film with all its apparent failings has managed to do one thing that no other pakistani film, including jionaah has ever done. it has generated polarized opinions and sparked off a debate. i sure hope this launches way for other pakistani films that womnt be labeled lollypollywood.
and lastly, before i had seen the film, just by reading the synopsis of the film i had already declared the film to be an apologetic excersice on part of pakistan on the 9/11 fiasco. so maybe that was undue but watching the film only strengthened my criticism. the good pakistani boy shan is beaten to the brow and yet he declares his love for usa chalking it through his dingy cell. with all the beatings and abuse and humilaition and the stench of piss it only takes the vile abomination and loathing of swinemeat to make him love usa-ma. last straw some wud say.. puh-leeez

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