Saturday, December 1, 2007

Zia gets whacked on INLAND EMPIRE


you expect a david lynch film to be strange and wierd, this film gives you strange and wierd in generous proportions. you wont really form an overwhelingly strong love or hate emotion to the film. in the last mail i used the word magnum opus in an off the cuff manner but guess what. it really is. he channels motes from all of his established films here. from the electric wierdness of eraserhead to emotional intensity of blue velvet to disturbingly colorful charachters from wild at heart to red curtained dreamscapes in twin peaks to the depravity and sexual tention of lost highway and slef awareness of mullholland drive. to say the film is self refrential is an understatement. the film in construct is obtuse, labrynthine and in way over the top narcisstic. the film no doubt is an ego trip for lynch but i guess he has earned it over the years. and yet there are just a couple of things that didnt work for me in the film. a sideplot set in poland and in polish, (with polish subtitles, so that doesnt help much) scenes that go on and on just for the sake of going on , meta over artistic high rbow stuff sprinkled here and there, and elements taken from hardboiled soaps. so many irrelevencies that in my boredom i skipped them (yes i shoulkd have more patience) but it stil works. this film has some of the most trippiest sequences i have ever seen and some of the most unsettling and scariest. and boy is laura dern a fine actor. the performance itself blows u away and this isnt a tagline from any other tom dick harry film review. nothing of what i say here is. as an added treat david lynch gives two of his own songs in the soundtrack. and if u have read about the film already there is the rabbit sitcom connection in the film which starts off as an uneasy surreal distraction but builds up to something else yet remaimning a distraction.
i was getting bored of lynch and didnt quiet as much revel in lost highway and mullholland drive as i shud have had but dang he's the mannn. u owe urself to see this film cheekoo and yeh guess who else is on the soundtrack...Beck?! (maybe u saw it coming from odelay)

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